Characteristics of safety work for blast furnace construction

October 16, 2018

Characteristics of safety work for blast furnace construction

The construction of blast furnace masonry is a complicated production process. Due to the fixed "product", the working environment is changeable and the man-machine mobility is large. The multi-type work is three-dimensional cross operation in the process, there are many special facilities and temporary facilities, and the personnel are concentrated. Therefore, there are many unsafe factors.

1. The construction site is narrow and the working environment is poor.

The blast furnace engineering structure is complex, the layout of the production process is relatively compact, and the amount of refractory materials is large. Due to the limitation of plane and space, the construction site of the furnace construction project is very narrow, and it is required to organize the transportation and masonry of several thousand tons of refractory materials in a limited plane position. Most of the furnace builders are constructed in sealed metal containers. At the same time, natural lighting is insufficient, ventilation conditions are poor, and sometimes it is directly corroded and threatened by high temperature, smoke, toxic gases, chemical materials and so on.

2.There are many sources of accidents, very dangerous.

The blast furnace masonry varies greatly depending on the size of the furnace and the type of furnace. The construction scheme and operation method are also very different. It is generally a high-altitude crossover operation, and often is built on scaffolding, operating platforms or hanging panels. The furnace is up to several tens of meters, not only the construction site is narrow, but also often the furnace construction and other professional cross-operation or multi-layer operation, which increases the source of the accident and unsafe factors.

3. Short construction period

The furnace construction of the blast furnace is often one of the last major processes before the whole project is put into production. The construction period of the delay of the previous process is often compensated by the construction period of the furnace, so the construction period is very short, forcing the furnace professional to take multiple sections of construction and two or three shifts which have greatly increased the potential safety hazards.

4.Special security technology

Blast furnace masonry involves a series of special safety technologies, such as fire prevention, dust prevention, anti-virus, anti-corrosion, anti-fall, anti-object combat, anti-mechanical damage and so on.