Signs of damage to blast furnace tuyere

September 30, 2018

Signs of damage to blast furnace tuyere

In the blast furnace production, when the tuyere is damaged, the damage range is not large, and the amount of cooling water in the tuyere leaks into the furnace is not much. If the blast furnace plumber finds the tuyere damage in time and takes appropriate treatment measures, the amount of cooling water leakage into the furnace can be reduced, the control damage range will not be expanded, so it will not bring too much influence to the blast furnace production. It is also easier to replace the tuyere after blowing off. On the contrary, if it is found to be late after damaged, the quantity of water leakage is more, and the damage is enlarged, it will have a direct impact on the blast furnace production, must be causing serious consequences.

The signs of damage to the tuyere can be divided into the following situations:

(1) The tuyere is less damaged. When the tuyere damage is small, there is only a small amount of water marks on the tuyere and there is no “gasp” phenomenon in the outlet when reducing water. The outlet is normal and the working condition of the tuyere is not obviously abnormal. In this case, it is difficult to find the tuyere damage, but if repeated observation and analysis can find the tuyere damage.

(2) The tuyere is damaged greatly. When the tuyere is greatly damaged, by the control of reducing water, the effluent belt "white flower" and even has the intense "gasp" phenomenon, mainly due to the blast furnace gas mixed into the cooling water intermittently from the damaged and reaching the drain.

(3) The tuyere is seriously damaged. When the tuyere is severely damaged, it often occurs a phenomenon that the outlet has little water or even no water.

(4) The tuyere is burnt through. The tuyere burned and exploded suddenly, often because it is not found in time when the tuyere damaged. When the accident happened, there was a hot broken coke from the burning place accompanied by a high-temperature gas injection, and the sound was sharply.